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Ultimate Alaska Photo Safari

No one trip in the world offers massive gatherings of grizzly bears, caribou, polar bears, and unbeatable landscapes like Chulitna Lodge’s 10 day Photo Safari.  The trip starts in Lake Clark National Park where float-planes land on the beach in front of the lodge to transport you across rolling hills of tundra and over Lake Iliamna (look out the window here for the oft-spotted fresh water seals!) to Katmai National Park, home of one of the area’s largest salmon runs. This means two things. First, you gain the opportunity to see this miraculous annual occurrence from the air where the Salmon are so thick that in spots the river can actually look like it’s colored red. Second, it provides unheard of opportunities for bear viewing at distances closer than normal. The ability to safely do this is due to the bear’s sole concentration at this special time; feeding on the high-protein Salmon diet essential for their survival through the rapidly approaching winter hibernation. 
Three-hundred to nearly-1,000 pound grizzlies gather to feed and it is not uncommon for bears with bright red salmon in their jaws to wander within 20 feet of photographers. 
Next on the itinerary, small bush planes with tundra-tires fly you north-west where the seldom visited Mulchatna Caribou Herd passes over the lichen rich area.  You spend some time spotting caribou from the air, then find a suitable flat area to land where often hundreds of caribou pass by in groups of 8-10.
As if the incredible scenery at Chulitna Lodge isn’t enough, the next couple days you are taken by boat and float-plane to some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable.  Glacial lakes, massive waterfalls, the tops of volcanoes are just the tip of the iceberg.  The staff professional photographer is present to assist in any technique from camera settings or filters, to video or time-lapse.
For the piece de résistance, travel to America’s northernmost city, Barrow and then on to a unique island Kaktovik, where you witness polar bears by the dozen.  These beautiful, quirky, and massive creatures are impossible not to love.  As they unabashedly walk close to the small 6 person boat from which most of the viewing is done, you are thankful the guide is quick on the draw to back up before they get too close!