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Chulitna Lodge Research Institute


Chulitna Lodge Research Institute seeks to provide the time, space, clarity, and facilities for all forms of creative professionals or researchers to make and meditate.

From visual artists, to writers, to scientific researchers, music, dance, and more, we encourage the gamut from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic hobbyists, to apply for our various programs.

We at Chulitna maintain a work ethic wherein artists contribute to the community. Some may do so through cleaning, some with special skills as needed, such as carpentry, and others through fees and/or special donation. Regardless, we strive for all participants to leave feeling as part of the ever-growing Chulitna family.



4 Ways to Participate

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Liz Collins

Rafael Lamas

Alice Pettway

Alee Peoples

Erin Ethridge and Colleen Marie Foley

Erica Tucceri

Keith Wilson